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If there’s one question everyone asks themselves at some point in their life, it is whether or not they should quit their day job to run their own business.

Do you work so hard, yet earn so little? It may be time to quit your day job. Do you earn fairly well but can go broke the minute you get fired? It means you live from paycheck to paycheck - it is time to quit your day job!

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So Which Investment Is The Best?

People are always debating which investment is the best: stock-market, mutual funds, bonds, gold, currencies exchange, business, real estate or commodities?

None of these truly gives you low-cost investments with high yields return on profits. At best, profits rarely surpass the 7% to 9% annual inflation rate. It makes this opportunity being revealed to you today, the ideal high-yield, low-cost investment proposition.

By the end of these short videos, you will learn about the best investment method to make money using an easy method anybody can apply. You’ll see how and why it’s possible. And guess what, it doesn’t involve huge investment fees. And best of all, it doesn’t involve franchise fees.

This groundbreaking unique financial opportunity I’m
talking about is the Jungle Float - Mobile Floating Water Park.

What is Jungle Float Mobile Water Park?

This is a mobile floating water park. It combines the elements of a water park, Trampoline Park and a diving platform.  It also includes slide, swing rope and an intricately designed swim platform.

Designed to hold up to 40 people at a time, it can be used for special events or open play on a per hour rental basis.

3 Key Reasons Why This Is Your Best Investment

✓  Low cost under (100K),
✓  No franchise fees ever,
✓  A unique one of a kind business with no competition

How Much Can I Earn?

You can earn as much as $5,000 in ONE day!!!

Whether you rent out for private parties, or offer play time "by the hour" on Jungle Float, you can earn $300 to $400 an hour in most any market.

Also, you can earn additional revenue (optionally) from merchandising, action video and photos, concessions and serving a rep to resell Jungle Float for commission.

Watch THIS VIDEO which directly answers this question...or this video which explains an easy method to make $5,000 per day with Jungle Float Mobile Park.

The Perfect Franchise with NO Franchise Fees!!!

Franchises have several advantages when deciding to start your own business. They offer their brand along with marketing and day to day operating systems already in place to help you become successful.
However, this comes at a price. On top of your initial considerable investment, you will have to pay moderate to fairly high franchise fees for the life of your business.

However, Jungle Float Mobile Water Park is DIFFERENT

If you decide to purchase the Jungle Float Mobile Water Park, you make one-time payment. And the Jungle Float is yours for life. Nothing more! No strings attached. No upsells. Nothing!

And best of all, NO FRANCHISE FEES for your chance to own a unique one of a kind business! Did we mention no franchise fees? Yes, NO FRANCHISE FEES!

There you have it! The PERFECT business investment with:

➢  Low starting cost under (100K),
➢  One-time payment, No franchise fees ever,
➢  A unique business with no competition

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How To Make $5,000 Per Day!

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Have additional questions? We would like to ask that you PLEASE take the time to watch all of the videos as they should help to answer all of your questions about the "Jungle Float" Mobile Waterpark.

Below, you will also find an additional FAQ section to help answer any additional questions you may have, not covered in the videos.


What about insurance?

Insurance packages are vastly different state-to-state in the U.S. and vary for many countries that wish to have Jungle Float. Consult many different carriers that specialize in policies such as trampoline jump parks, jet skis, bungee jumps to find the best policy for your needs. We provide waivers for your use and your best protection for safety will be strict on-site lifeguard supervision enforcing the rules. Insurance is not required, but is recommended and here are a few helpful names.

How Much Can I Earn?

Whether you rent out for private parties, or offer play time "by the hour" on Jungle Float, you should earn $300 to $400 an hour in most any market. That is not including additional revenue (optionally) from merchandising, action video and photos, concessions and serving a rep to resell Tarzan Boat for commission. Watch THIS VIDEO which directly answers this question...or this video which explains making $5,000 per day.

Do I have permission in my water?

Always. The United States Coast Guard has been gracious and professional with Jungle Float, an approved boat manufacturer (TZB) in the United States. Your particular waterway may have slightly more specific guidelines -- we can help to make sure you are compliant and your call to the national office at the USCG well help guide you as well. This boat can be a VESSEL, as offered with outboard engine, or it can be a "floating platform" (not under Coast Guard jurisdiction) with a completely different set of laws. You do not require a Captain's license and there are a variety of ways to use Tarzan Boat in your area. Watch THIS VIDEO which directly addresses engines in the water or this video for an optional way to operation.

How is it Shipped?

Jungle Float is packed and shipped in large pieces and usually shipped in a 40-foot container. Our crew arrives with the shipment and assembles it near your water ramp. We hope you have already carefully reviewed your agreements, safety contracts and our safety video and specifics of operation.

Where are Jungle Floats now?

Jungle Float was announced for purchase in late August 2015 and we have been taking orders since. Check our locations sections for updates.

What about a boat trailer?

Jungle Float does not come with a boat trailer. It can stay in the water year round and does not need a cover. It can be take out of the water with a boat lift or a standard flatbed trailer.

What about capacity restrictions?

Jungle Float has been assigned a capacity of 40 people, 33 for the Sport and 25 for the Mini. At the very least, you should be able to operate at the most safe level: a vessel that is "not underway": anchored or moored and you allow your customers to swim out to Jungle Float and play OR you ferry them out with a jetski or pontoon.

Where do I store it?

Jungle Float is designed to be in the water year round at any temperature. Cover essential parts and wait for warmer weather. You can take Jungle Float out of the water with a large trailer, but it is not advised that you do this frequently or travel far. Often times, a marina can trade slip space for being your rent agent.

What about the kind of water?

Calmer waters are preferred, but small wake and waves are fine. Jungle Float is perfect for a calm bay, lake, river or inlet but it can easily withstand swells up to 4 feet. Jungle Float comes with a depth finder and waters 12 feet or deeper are required when guests are jumping off platforms.

How does payment work?

25% deposit is required to initiate your order. You pay another 25% a month later. The balance is not due until you take delivery. If you choose to delay delivery until a convenient date, it will not be due until that time. You may also choose to not pay your balance but instead begin making payments monthly at the time you take delivery.

What about life jackets?

We recommend Jungle Float use with strong swimmers only since some will play without life jackets under lifeguard supervision. However, you will be required to have safety equipment nearby including lifejackets in a variety of sizes and throw ring. You may also require all swimmers wear lifejackets.

Are you a franchise?

No. This is a "business ready to go" that includes everything you need: all of the accessories with the boat, safety training, support and brand name. You are fully independent as an owner. Your successful execution of our methods allow us to flourish.

Can I own this privately?

Yes. This is a perfect addition to a lake house or waterway in a private area for family and friends and we offer all of same excellent customer service, training and setup for private owners.

Do you rent them?

We only manufacture and sell Jungle Float. The only boat we rent is around our headquarters in Chattanooga, TN. Future owners will decide their rental plans (by the hour, private parties).

Is it OK for little kids?

Yes. All ages can play safely after receiving the very specific rules of play from the lifeguards and with strict supervision, Jungle Float is very safe and great for all skill levels. Here is an example of a young one on her first jump from the high trampoline.

How long does an order take?

If we have a boat in stock, we can deliver the same week. If we do not have boats in stock, our typical turn around time is 6-7 weeks, but this can drastically change with back-orders. Jungle Float is a new and popular product and we urge you to get your order in quickly so there are no delays. At the time of your order, we can provide an exact delivery date.

Approved Boat Manufacturer?

Yes. Jungle Float (TZB) can be found on the United States Coast Guard website uscgboating.org also see our posted certifications for commercial and for stability.

How do I order?

Receive your full quote from our headquarters and direct any questions to our sales department. When you receive your quote, you approve it and submit your order with a 25% deposit all online. Be sure to check ask about discount offerings. At the time of ordering, our office can provide an exact delivery date.

Are permits required?

This is to be registered as a typical boat which meets Coast Guard requirements. Every Jungle Float has the option of adding an outboard engine and can be independently driven to your fun spot on the water, as explained in this video. If you are not already in business, then your local business laws would apply to purchase a business license.

What about a warranty?

Jungle Float are built to last and all of the structure and parts, large and small, carry warranties between 2-5 years. The deck/hull carries a 20 year warranty. Construction is all aluminum and stainless steel made to withstand commercial salt-water or fresh-water use.

Do I have to keep the signs on?

We are not a franchise. Once you buy Jungle Float, you will not have to pay franchise fees or any payments whatsoever. Our reputation and branding are important to us. We are going to show you the methods for running your boat with the utmost safety and profit margin. Because your boat will be very successful, this is our report card to the world. We want our name on it...and keeping the banners on your boat and running it safely will be one of the few things we will ask of you.

What about safety?

Jungle Float is new. It is revolutionary. It is unique. Jungle Float has been tested, inspected by the United States Coast Guard, approved in several countries as well as other boat manufacturers. Part of owner training is taking you through our specific guidelines for safe use: life jackets, Coast Guard regulations, lifeguards, prepping your guests, strict on-board rules, your waiver, development of the flow, plastic deck and water steps, line of sight for lifeguards. Strict supervision and compliance with our rules will give you a much safer business than conventional businesses that operate today.

How do you earn $5,000 per day?

Take a tour of our little article that shows you just 2 of the 5 ways to earn money with Tarzan Boat! You should earn $300/hr to $400/hr plus merchandising, photos/videos and concessions. Watch this video that walks you through details.

Can I be exclusive to my area?

Yes, please refer to our Exclusive Rights page.

Can we transport people?

You will find such details in the specs of all three boats on our website.

Does it have to be calm water?

No. Jungle Float is safe with choppy water, big wakes from nearby boats and activity. The modular deck is built to withstand some roll and bounce and it is stable and not top heavy. However, we do not recommend use on the open ocean with sea rolls.

What if someone moves in to my territory assigned to me?

Most customers who purchase Jungle Float do not request a territory radius, But every customer who purchases signs an agreement to operate in a safe, responsible way. Included in this agreement is the restriction to not move into another owner's territory. This is a legally binding agreement.

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